Dancers bring ‘Sacred Spaces II’ to Parker's PACE Center


Zikr Dance Ensemble’s performances range “from Ancient Ritual to Contemporary Ballet,” according to the ensemble’s website.

“The ensemble offers a spectrum of works that are based on transcendent dance rituals from many different ancient world cultures throughout history along with original and contemporary dance/theater realizations,” said Artistic Director David Taylor.

He has had a strong interest in sacred dances from around the world for many years. Spiritual tolerance and multi-cultural understanding are hoped-for outcomes.

Zikr Dance Ensemble, which participated in the opening of Parker’s PACE Center in 2012, will bring “Sacred Spaces II” to the stage in Parker on June 28 and 29.

Taylor fears there is some misunderstanding due to the similarity to last year’s title — “Sacred Spaces.” This is a new show, he said, and includes a world premiere of “Field of Fire,” which he choreographed. Also new will be two Gurdjieff sacred movements, which will be staged by nationally acclaimed Gurdjieff movement teacher Deborah Longo, who flew here to set the pieces on the Zikr dancers. They are “Shouting Dervish” and “Dance of the Brotherhood of Olbogmek.”

Gurdjieff traveled through central Asia and in Africa, learning about sacred dances, and then returned to teach the moves to his students, who carry on the tradition today.

Also on the program: David Taylor’s ballets “In Your Eyes,” “Time’s Up” and “Guides,” and a new duet and solo entitled “Psalms.”

Among the professional dancers who will appear are five from the Colorado Ballet.

Projections and lighting will weave magic on the back and floor of the stage, while music plays and dancers perform ancient and modern works in a multi-media production.

Taylor, in addition to directing the Zikr Ensemble, is school director and on the faculty of Denver Ballet School and on the faculty of Colorado State University’s dance department. He was founder of the David Taylor Dance Theatre.


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