Letter to the editor: Legalized pot a disaster for Colorado


Recently, a college student, after purchasing and eating pot cookies, started shaking violently, and then jumped to his death from a Denver hotel room. A local man ate pot-laced candy, started hallucinating, and allegedly shot his wife to death.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in recent years Denver area pot-related emergency room visits have more than tripled to 3,871. We even have the sad spectacle of Greeley fourth-graders dealing pot at school.

How did the great state of Colorado sink to such a low level when even New Jersey governor Chris Christie has figured out that legalized pot is bad news?

Tragically, voters passed Amendment 64, which makes pot legal in Colorado. But, perhaps this could change as Coloradans see this nightmare continue to unfold.

A new amendment could be placed on the ballot to reverse Amendment 64. Perhaps the Colorado state government could propose legislation to over turn this dangerous policy, although that is unlikely with Democrat control of the Colorado senate, house, and governorship.

In any event, our state needs to take steps to reverse the tragic consequences of legalized pot. Colorado doesn't need more suicides and murders.

Charles Newton
Highlands Ranch