My name is... Laura Chapman

Lover of motorcycles and machine guns


Live to ride, ride to live

I have several motorcycles, now I'm down to three. My favorite place to ride is Rocky Mountain National Park, and my favorite season is summer because I can ride all day long without getting cold. I only drove a car twice last year, and that was only because it snowed twice.

I got my first bike about 20 years ago. My ex-husband used to ride and I got tired of waiting for him to come home so I could go with him. So I took the motorcycle licensing class while he was out of the country, so he wouldn't find out about it. The next time he went out of the country, I went out and bought a bike.

He was so surprised when he came back. He asked what I did while he was gone and I told him I bought a motorcycle. He said, “You don't even know how to ride,” and I said, “In fact, I do.”

`I like the big stuff'

When I'm not riding, I really enjoy shooting guns, big ones. I have a quiet personality, so that may surprise some people. Handguns, machine guns, you name it. I like the big stuff.

When I shoot, I focus on concentration. All I think about is hitting the target properly. No distractions.

I give people the same advice for shooting as I do for riding — have instruction on both before attempting either.

Spirit animal

If I could be any animal, I guess I'd be a lion. They're beautiful and they're stealthy, and you should never, ever mess with them.


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