Parker puts fire restrictions in place

Press Release

Parker Fire Warden Lt. Doreen Jokerst with the Town of Parker’s Emergency Management Office has ordered Stage 1 fire restrictions.  Ordinance 5.74, restricting open fires, open burning and the use of fireworks in the Town of Parker will be enforced until further notice.

General Guidance on Stage 1 restrictions follows below:

Prohibited Activities:

·Open burning of any kind.

·Use of fireworks.

Allowable Activities:

·Fires within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, fireplaces within buildings, charcoal grill fires within developed residential or commercial areas, and fires within wood burning stoves within buildings only.

·Professional fireworks displays permitted according to section 12-28-103 of the C.R.S.

·Fire suppression or fire department training fires.

·Small recreational fires at developed picnic or campground sites contained in fixed permanent metal/steel fire pits (rock fire rings are considered temporary and not permanent) with flame lengths not in excess of four feet or the residential use of charcoal grills, tiki torches, fires in chumminess or other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits, so long as said fires are supervised by a responsible person at least 18 years of age.

·Professional fireworks displays.

Violators may be ticketed and fined up to no more than $499.00 for each separate offense.