School district debuts new website

Revamp aims for easier navigation, reliability, efficiency


The Douglas County School District recently debut its redesigned website, a $225,000 investment district leaders said is more reliable, easier to navigate and allows for quicker updates. It also is intended to serve as the best place to find facts during a crisis.

“The primary source of information during an emergency should be our website,” DCSD spokesman Randy Barber said.

The new site got its first surge of visitors a day after its debut, when a few inches of snow drew parents and students checking for possible schedule changes.

“One of the most important things our website is used for is sharing of information like school closures and delays,” Barber said. “We revamped that entire tool. We were very happy to have it in front of folks (that day).”

The nine-month project was triggered in part by complaints about the now defunct site.

“What we heard loud and clear was that on the old website, people had trouble finding important things,” Barber said. “We wanted to make sure we had a website that was easy to navigate.

“Coming from a school district that's all about innovation and excellence, we wanted a website that matched that.”

Denver-based Educational Measures LLC, which also created DCSD's mobile app, contracted with the district to redesign the website.

Barber believes the $225,000 is money well spent.

“We take every expenditure here at the Douglas County School District very seriously,” he said. “Looking at the project in total, I think the benefits outweigh the cost.

“This website really provides us with an ability the old one didn't. In the event of an emergency, we can put up a page within minutes. We don't have to have a web developer do that for us. That's a really great change for us.”

Additionally, Barber said the previous website would have required updating at further cost.

The website last was updated in 2011. Given the rapid pace of technology, Barber said he couldn't say how soon another major change will be required.

But he said, “When we invest in our district, we want those investments to last as long as possible. Our intention is to make it last for a long time.”

Visit the new site at