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Letter: Charters get a great deal


As the Douglas County School District ponders asking taxpayers for more money to support our schools, a new page of support for charters by the school board questions where this new money will go.

A new charter, Leman Academy, appears to be receiving additional taxpayer funds in addition to the state allocation (PPR) that is normally passed on to charters. Why are taxpayers asked to fund this new charter a consultant fee to its founder? Why are taxpayers asked to fund an additional $100 per child they enroll each year? This new charter will receive the full amount of state money (PPR), $550 per child of local (MLO) money, and now the board agrees to give them more.

Looks like a sweet deal at taxpayer expense to privatize education. Is there anyone else that sees something wrong in funding charters besides me?

Dave Usechek



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