My name is...Megan Figueroa

Veterinary assistant, pet lover and cowgirl


Animal life

I’m 22, and I grew up in Aurora, but my family moved to Elizabeth about four years ago. I’ve worked in veterinary hospitals for about four or five years, and I’ve worked at the Cottage Veterinary Hospital in Parker for about four months now. I have four cats, four dogs, three horses, a few cows at the house. I have a fish, too, if that counts.

Obviously, the best part of the job is meeting and working with all of the animals. Seeing all of the different breeds and different personalities and personas, even among cats, is fun. It’s also cool to see and meet all the different types of human clients.

The worst part of it is euthanizing the pets. I’m not really a fan of euthanizing animals, but sometimes it just has to be done. Luckily, I’ve only had to help with it a few times. The emotions in the room are just so strong. It’s hard and most of the time I just can’t be in that room when it’s going on.

Looking ahead

I’m trying to decide between being a vet tech and going into physical therapy. I’d like to focus on veterans. I grew up in a military family, and I don’t think veterans get taken care of as well as they should be, physically or mentally. I’ve worked with equine therapy for veterans, and it was really cool just to see them getting better with only the horses and no humans helping them.

Hobbies and horses

I like to work on engines and cars. I like going shooting, either at the range or rifle shooting and trap shooting. I also enjoy napping.

I also love horseback riding and roping. I love roping because I grew up with it and I’ve always been around it. I love calving season and branding season. It just makes me emotionally sound, just to relax, be in nature and turn my mind off.


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