My name is...Steven Kovacs

Parker inventor from South Carolina arrived about three years ago


Headed west

I was born in New York and raised in South Carolina. I moved to Parker a little over three years ago. I’m currently the CEO and founder of a company providing health and wellness products globally. I’m a father of one son attending Penn State and the partner to an amazing woman with two boys at Fort Lewis College.

My father was an immigrant from Hungary who lived through the Russian invasion. He taught my brother, my sister and me that innovation is a necessity to survive in life. At the age of 6, I turbo-charged the family toaster to reduce my wait time, since my siblings were always toasting before me.

We were always encouraged to solve our daily problems and had the responsibly to implement the solution ourselves. This has inspired me to invent my whole life, mostly for personal value to solve daily problems, but now I try to create products that can save lives.

I wish I had invented the internet because it connects the world to knowledge, but Al Gore beat me to it.

Covering the bases, and surfaces

I have a total of eight Provisional International Patents under the brands Sanifender, Sanitray and Sani-wrap, each providing antibacterial protection to high touch surfaces.

My latest invention provides multiple layers of clear antibacterial peel-away skins for high touch surfaces. Some of the areas I’ve focused on are cell phones, tablets, remotes, microwaves, refrigerator door handles, food prep counters, ATM screens and infant changing tables.

If I could meet anyone, I’d like to meet Donald Trump, because today he has the power to implement change. I’d like to ask him why we are allowing one American to die every 62 seconds from totally preventable infections.

Fishing and flying

I enjoy supporting others’ passions and dreams by encouraging them and being there for them during milestones in their lives.

By myself, I enjoy piloting sport planes, saltwater fishing and reading. I like early mornings in the garden and learning that there is a lot going on in this world, even between the blades of grass.


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