Elissa Flaumenhaft, candidate for Parker Town Council


Three-year resident of Parker

Profession: Scientist

Campaign website: http://lissstransky.wixsite.com/parkertowncouncil

Why are you seeking this office?

I am deeply invested in the well-being of our community and in my children's futures. I feel this office is the perfect way to influence those outcomes while giving back to our community. I have not agreed with some of the decisions made concerning the development and growth of our town. I was always raised to believe that you have no business complaining if you're not willing to do anything to solve the problem.

What makes you the best choice for this office?

I am a creative problem solver — that's my day-job and that skill lends itself well to solving Parker's issues. I believe in the greatest good for the greatest number; sometimes that means I am not on the side that benefits. I am a team player and fair: we candidates have different ideas about how to get to the finish line and I am cognizant of the need to work together to realize progress.

What are the most important duties of a member of council?

First and foremost, a councilmember must act with the best interests of the majority in mind. They are beholden to their constituents who expect them to listen to their needs and wants for the town and take action accordingly. It is their duty to expediently and fairly make decisions impacting the future of the town and its citizens within the confines of the law. When warranted, they need to challenge and change archaic policies or procedures.

What should be done to ensure a high quality of life for residents as the town's population continues to grow?

Appropriately and smartly planning for the future is the best way to ensure a continued high quality of life for Parker's residents. This means being choosy about construction projects, which types of businesses come into Parker, and expanding cultural and social programs that can be made available to everyone. This means retaining and expanding parks and open space in which our children can safely play and upkeeping and expanding our infrastructure to match our needs.

What will your top priority be if you are elected to this office?

The top priority would be to scale back the booming, hasty construction seen all over town and reassess the town's Master Plan. I would first review existing zoning laws, slated and proposed construction projects and the town's Master Plan. Then I would review the current and projected future infrastructure needs to see how they align (or not) with those planned projects, the Master Plan, and under the current zoning and platting.


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